Read what residents and families have to say about Windsor Fullerton!

“As I had expressed before, although my mother’s illness is devastating for my children and myself, we find some consolation in the fact that Windsor provides her with a safe and caring environment. I would like to extend my gratitude to Ella, who since day one, has always been excellent at reflecting the quality of Windsor Gardens. Her professionalism and warmth have made it easier for us to communicate our concerns and request information about the difficult steps that we have to take as relatives from somebody who has to deal with this painful path. With gratitude,” – Rosario K.

“This letter is about the entire staff: nurses, caregivers, doctor, Suemy (Social Worker), Joanna (RN), the Activity Dept., Therapists, Mrs. Elizabeth (DON), and Michelle (DSD). If I left anyone out, they are all so very special. They all have made a deep impression on me. I am deeply grateful to all of them.

“This letter especially concerns a very wonderful person, Bella. I have the pleasure and honor to know her. She is very dedicated, concerned, caring, very sincere, and so much more. She has helped me in many ways. She is well liked and respected by everyone. Thank you for your time and God bless you all.” – Edward B.

“My mentally disabled sister Debbie was with you for a short time, on hospice until her death. The days we came to visit her we were very impressed with the friendliness and the caring of any staff that we observed throughout the facility. In particular, we thought ‘Shah’ was so nice, caring and good at her job. We would like to recognize her for that. We were happy that Debbie was at Windsor Gardens Fullerton in her final days. Thank you.” – Leah P.

“This is a great place for your loved ones. The staff not only took care of my grandma, but they were very accommodating to our big family. They were welcoming and always had great smiles every time we visited. Two thumbs up!”  –  Dewella F.

“Kudos to Nancy Nieto — for her diligence, excellent people skills and ABOVE ALL … for CARING. I live in San Francisco and have been calling my closest friend daily. Sometimes it has been difficult reaching my friend’s room. But whenever Nancy is handling the incoming call –she makes sure that I have actually connected with my friend. Nancy is warm, courteous and most efficient. Kudos to Nancy !! and heads-up to Windsor: Nancy Nieto is an asset to your SNF.”  –  Lupe P.

“I been here for about a week and the nurses are great and they treat me well sad i have to leave and get back to the real world. Im sure going to miss this place. Im glad im getting the help i need.”  –  Nieche V.